Roland Kraling
Het Orakel (2019, casette) 

Roland Kraling's Het Orakel brings you a world of ever-changing shapes: a heroine in search of meaning, accompanied by her newly met friends Salome and Teres. The story brings the listener to the island of Marosh; the depths of Oblivion and finally back to the city of Pilo. The oracle's words - sang to our beloved protagonist in the temple of Mossel - ring through Roland Kraling's musical material: 'It's the beauty of celebrating one's existence and to complement the subject for being everything and nothing in particular'.

Inspired by the great minds of Roberto Cacciapaglia, Oneohtrix Point Never and Satoshi Ashikawa, Het Orakel offers a wide range of melodies, rhythm and textures. Recorded during a humid summer season in The Hague, this work has been released by De Bescheidenheid.

Roland Kraling resides in the city of The Hague. As an artistic director of film, he worked closely with Philip Caron and Suzanne Peeters. After working on the movie 'The life and times of Siddhartha Gautama', Kraling made the soundtrack to a dutch short-movie called 'Het Orakel'.