Ode Maritima (2014) - digital

Sultry. Sticky. Sad... Port of Call's position as Lost Soul Boy of the Bollensteek scene is never stronger. As ever, his music conjures up a host of melancholy and reflective thoughts and images. But his puppyish, bedsit take on soul is pressed into action to serve a different master. Here we get strange collages of sound; disembodied voices, the sort of cut and paste efforts that could be from Machinefabriek or some other High Priest of AppleMac.

And funnily enough Peter van Vliet's NEVER made music more appropriate to his stage name. Motherfucker, the sound and feel of the sea is everywhere on this release; it's the sound of brains and bums gently marinading on the beach. Using mayonnaise from your biofrites as sun cream? Staring at ridiculously unattainable Dutch girls who look like they're made of plastic and filled with liquid mercury? Go and get a coffee, feel the sand in your toes, go and pay your respects to the Katwijk fishermen who lost their lives during the British blocklade in the First World War, or maybe dive into one of the restored bunkers on the Westerwall with all those "questionable" Wehrmacht enthusiasts. Listen out for linnets, whitethroats and nightingales. Or look for nudists in the dunes. Just ensure you put this on your headphones to disorientate you that bit more than is needed.