Nimbus 3000
1993 Futurism [unmastered] (2016, digital)

I once heard it >> I heard it twice << I heard her speak about something she would - hurt.

ニンバス 3000 has been speaking about it ever since its first and final release: she fell down to her knees; begging all around her to listen and comprehend whatever’s there to be seen and whatever’s there to be sought. Nothing could have been more (in any sense) than this. Rhymes concerning rhythm / rhythm concerning rhymes.

I always knew there never would’ve been a better place.
But who am I to tell her?
She knew there’s just too much to be said - Let’s keep it that way.
Mom’s telling me to leave, […] adventure’s waiting.

It’s an open society with tongues as sharp as […] and - YES - hope / hope / just hope. People are talking to each other: they are all discussing that one thing that always mattered. They’re all there: on the right time, at the right spot.

They’re waiting for us. The world is waiting for us.

& G#D, It’s the sound of the truth, 1993 FUTURISM is all about the truth: about escapism from the wrong towards the righteous, from the broken towards the sublime. HERE and NOW. Something that will probably never be as clear as it is now, the righteous vs. the villain and the path vs. the lost woods.

Hopes and Dreams; Sega with your little brother & SNES with the neighbor’s-kids. 3+ minute songs about naïve faces you lost by decades of learning.