Duka Words II
Moving Out (2020) - digital

Moving Out is a fifteen minute walk around the house Markus Lucier has lived in for over twelve years (situated at the Rue de la Miséricorde 38 Bis, Nancy). Since the owner of the appartment-building passed away last summer, his children have decided that the estate will be emptied and sold. As a final goodbye, Moving Out invites the listener to imagine the place as it once was: a place of one's own. Markus has once treated this place as a home, filled to the brim with decorations, pictures and functional housekeeping equipment to make the rooms feel hospitable to the inhabitant. The album touches upon the moments of appreciating one's imperfect leaky shower; taking care of the unmoving plants (hoping for them to survive the harsh winter) and simply waiting for the day to pass by (and knowing that no-one will disturb you doing any of these things).

Moving Out marks Markus Lucier's first solo-album, after having previously collaborated with Bescheidenheid aficionados Frederique Masquet and Maria Afonso. Its sound utilizes warm room-tone and the house's electric current to wrap together the acoustic guitar and synthesizers.

The albums has been recording in November 2019 - one year after leaving Nancy and moving to The Hague.