Philip Caron
Alla Ricerca del Figlio Perduto (2018, compact disc & digital) 

This release solely consists of field recordings made in the town of Giovinazzo, Southern Italy. During the week before eastern, several catholic ceremonies are held in the streets, one of which is the ceremony of respectfully carrying the statue of Mary through the narrow alleys of Giovinazzo - commemorating the holy mother’s search for her lost son, Jesus. Following a small ensemble of Clarinet, Trumpet and Percussion one could faintly hear the line of women (mothers), reciting and singing the holy scripture. Behind them, the church piece of Mary is carried upon the shoulders of the church brothers. Finally - and closing the procession - a medium-sized (bell/wind) orchestra loosely performs composed pieces by the composer Angelo Lamanna (1923-2004).
Interestingly, it was extraordinary cold spring in the region of Puglia during the week of Eastern, something that adds a lot of peculiar coloring to the orchestra’s sound.

The orchestra heard on the recordings is Banda Ruvo di Puglia. The church bells are as heard at the Parrocchia S. Maria Assunta. Although the objective is to keep most of the recordings as clean and untouched as possible, Philip Caron did meddle a tiny bit with the 30+ minutes of sound. This means that what you’re hearing when listening to this release is a collage of recordings made on the night of the 24th of March, 2018.